So why is this a good idea?

Why pay for something I can get for free?

Our contributors will be posting premium content alongside restricted content, all without advertising. Money from your subscription will help to turn this production effort into a viable business, improving the experience for creators and viewers. 

What makes this different from other premium content services?

Some unnamed premium services don’t do much more than taking the advertising out of otherwise free content. Others only give you access to one creator, or even one item. We offer a subscription to ten channels, with dozens of creators on each channel. It is like cable TV, but you get to choose what channels you want and what you want to watch on them.      

What if I can’t find the content or channel I want?

The service will be constantly expanding with new contributors and new channels. When a channel gets too big, we will split it up in whatever way seems most sensible. Suggestions are welcome, and if you would like to encourage a particular content creator to join up, let them know.

Will you be commissioning a profound and darkly comedic medical drama set in space with dragons?

No, the plan is to exploit the underpaid creative workforce currently creating enormous amounts of video content mostly because they want to. Of course, if we end up making enough money this specific question may become unavoidable.    

When will this be up and running?

That depends on a few things, but the current plan is October 2020.